Fourth & Fifth Grade

Fourth Grade

In fourth grade, the students are continually taught the importance of honesty and respect. A behavior chart that allows students to “clip-down” AND “clip-up” keeps them striving to get to the top, even if some mistakes are made along the way. Fourth graders actually memorize the Beatitudes, along with other classic Catholic prayers, such as the Act of Contrition, Hail Holy Queen, and the Apostles Creed.  They recite them orally for a Religion grade.  Daily, students do a “Rocket Math,” where they are assigned their own, individual goal and attempt to beat it every day in a timed basic-math-fact drill. These drills allow students to master elementary skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Students also work though weekly lessons of reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing, which utilizes the Trait Crate – 6+1 writing system. Throughout the year, fourth grade students also have a heavy focus on the state of Indiana, which ultimately leads to the annual Indiana Statehood Day activities and assemblies in Indianapolis.  Switching subjects at every Unit, fourth grade Science consists of the physical science, earth science, life science, and technology/and space.  The use of the Smart-board technology engages the students in both visual and hands-on learning.  Students often work in groups and learn the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and fellowship.


Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is a time of preparing to enter the world of middle school.  They work all year toward building independence and taking ownership of their own learning.  This is accomplished 5th gradethrough cooperative learning and projects, in addition to the core curriculum. The students gain reading skills and comprehension through the use of narrative and informational texts, both in the reading curriculum and in other content areas.   U.S. history, geography, economics, government, and citizenship are a major focus for all 5th graders.   By writing in social studies, science, and math, as well as in language arts, they also work to become strong writers, which creates better futures.