First - Third Grades

First Grade

First grade is a wonderful year of growth as your child becomes increasingly independent and responsible in their work. By the end of the year, that independence will also extend to reading as they enjoy more difficult texts. 

In First Grade, we:

  • Learn about the faith daily
  • Continue building virtue, expanding our focus to the local community
  • Develop skills in basic arithmetic
  • Practice sight words while expanding our phonics foundation
  • Develop our vocabulary and comprehension skills
  • Discover more about the world through a variety of engaging activities and projects

Second Grade

In second grade, your child begins to feel more grown up as their reading abilities expand, and they begin writing in cursive. Catholic students will also prepare for two major milestones in their life: Reconciliation and First Communion.

In Second Grade, we:

  • Learn about the faith daily, with a focus on saints, sin, and the sacraments
  • Practice virtue in our classroom and community
  • Expand our sight word and phonics foundations
  • Practice reading a variety of genres
  • Begin writing in cursive
  • Expand arithmetic skills to work with two and three digit numbers
  • Write daily, with the goal of writing our own book by the end of the year
  • Observe, investigate, and classify the natural world

Third Grade

In third grade, your child begins their transition to the intermediate grades. They prepare for this by practicing responsibility in a variety of ways, learning how to monitor their behavior, and be accountable for their choices and actions. 

In Third Grade, we:

  • Learn about the faith daily
  • Prepare to live virtuously as responsible students
  • Solidify our reading fluency by reading daily and for longer periods 
  • Expand our reading and vocabulary skills by refining our writing 
  • Apply our arithmetic knowledge to fractions, geometry, and problem-solving 
  • Develop our understanding of government and culture
  • Use the scientific method to investigate the world around us