Preschool & Kindergarten


The St. Stanislaus Kostka Preschool is a safe, nurturing community for introducing your child to the school environment. They will begin their academic journey with a focus on letters, sounds, colors, shapes, and numbers. They will also sharpen their cognitive and fine motor skills, building a solid foundation for Kindergarten.

In Preschool, we:

  • Build virtue through faith-centered stories and games
  • Start our journey in reading and arithmetic
  • Explore and discover the world around us
  • Develop social skills through group activities
  • Build gross motor skills and sportsmanship through gym activities
  • Discover the wonders of technology and the printed page during our computer and library times


In Kindergarten, your child continues to grow academically, emotionally, and socially. Following the State of Indiana’s academic standards, we focus on developing skills, wonder, and appreciation in all academic areas. 

In Kindergarten, we:

  • Learn about the faith daily
  • Continue our focus on virtue, especially in the way we relate to our classmates
  • Build a strong foundation in phonics
  • Begin reading
  • Practice our handwriting
  • Develop our understanding of numbers and basic arithmetic
  • Discover the people, history, and workings of the world around us
  • Develop an appreciation for art and music