Fourth & Fifth Grades

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

In Fourth Grade, your child will use the skills learned in earlier grades to expand their understanding of the world around them. 

In Fourth Grade, we:

  • Learn about the faith daily, focusing on the Beatitudes and prayer
  • Practice the virtues of honesty and respect
  • Develop proficiency in grammar, spelling, and writing
  • Continue developing our reading comprehension and vocabulary
  • Increase our speed and accuracy in arithmetic
  • Investigate Indiana history and participate in Indiana Statehood Day
  • Expand our understanding in a variety of scientific areas, including physical science and technology

Fifth Grade

In Fifth Grade, your child will begin their transition to middle school. To prepare for this milestone, they will focus on building independence and taking ownership of their learning through cooperative learning projects, in addition to their main studies.

In Fifth Grade, we:

  • Learn about our faith daily
  • Practice the virtue of responsibility
  • Read both narrative and informational texts
  • Dive deeply into US history, geography, and government
  • Extend our writing skills to other areas of study
  • Increase our speed and accuracy in arithmetic
  • Continue developing our understanding of physical science, nature, earth/space, and engineering