Middle School

Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Grades

Middle school is more than just a stepping stone to high school; it is a period of intense growth as your child begins to integrate what they have learned throughout their schooling, seeing how everything fits together. 

In Middle School, we:

  • Learn about our faith daily, focusing on Scripture and the life of Christ
  • Live virtuously, in service to both God and others
  • Read works of literature from a variety of genres
  • Deepen our understanding of the structure of language
  • Refine our ability to express ourselves through the written word
  • Stay knowledgeable about current events
  • Study the history and cultures of the Americas and Europe
  • Expand our study of United States history
  • Begin our journey in higher mathematics, culminating in pre-Algebra or Algebra I in the Eighth Grade year.
  • Study key theories and discoveries of modern science, including Newton’s Laws of Motion, planetary development, and the conservation of matter

As a middle school student, your child will complete 20 hours of service each year in the local community. Catholic students will also prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the spring of their Eighth Grade year.